• Brattleboro Country Club -  Vermont's First Golf Course  - Golf, Dining, Private Events.
    Located in the Southeast corner of Vermont on the border on Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

    Upcoming Events - Tournaments hosted at BCC are open to the public. Any single player may sign up to play. Its a great way to meet new people who also enjoy the game of golf.

    Wednesday July 27th
    31st Annual Youth Services Golf Tournament
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    Wednesday August 3rd
    Brattleboro Retreat Annual Golf Tournament
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  • BCC only course in Vermont with GolfBoards

    The GolfBoard is controlled using an ergonomically designed thumb throttle which allows the user to smoothly accelerate and decelerate, and power the GolfBoard on and off. The throttle mechanism also features an intelligent LED meter, providing details of when the GolfBoard battery needs to be recharged. It is specially designed to allow for intuitive, gentle, and smooth acceleration and braking. Hi/Low, and Fwd/Reverse switches are mounted on the Stability Bar for easy access.  REGISTER TO RIDE